Summer is almost here and that means friends, parties – and school? Yes, you heard that correctly, school. St. Francis College is offering classes this May Intersession, as well as three summer schedules.

The question is, are the classes worth it? Well, if you are behind or want to be ahead of you expected graduation date, then these classes are worth it.

The only setback is the fee.

It is roughly around $1,700 per three credit class. That is quite a bit of money for a college student.

However, if you are able to come up with it, then go for it.

The price you will pay for another semester if you do not graduate on time is going to be way more than the price for a summer class.

There are many benefits of taking a summer class. First, there are very small classes.

There are few people in each room and it is more one-on-one with the professor. The atmosphere is very positive and the professors are very helpful.

Also, most people who take summer classes are serious students.

Therefore, there is less joking around and more getting straight to the point. You will feel less like you are in high school, and more like you are in a professional environment.

The classes are also only a few weeks. If you have a busy schedule during the regular semester this can lighten it. The class goes so fast that it will be over before you know it.

Summer classes are best for those who work or who have a difficult or long schedule during the Fall and Spring Semesters. However, there is no time for slacking off, so be prepared!

Also, there are limited times offered so you have to take what they are offering. Most of the summer classes are requirements, therefore, it might be hard to find any specific classes you may need for your major.

If you are not doing anything this summer then take a class. It is something worthwhile that you can do with your time, and you will not regret it. So sign up for a class today and spend your summer at St. Francis College!

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