by Zanna Shapiro

Romello Rogers is back at St. Francis after graduating in May 2019.

Now, he is an admissions counselor.

As a student, he majored in sociology and was involved on campus:

“As a student, I worked primarily in the office of student engagement as their senior student activities assistant. I also made an effort to assist other departments such as Athletics, Special Events, Advancement and Admissions if need be. From sophomore year to senior year I also was a part of the student government association serving as a sophomore senator 2016-2017. After, I moved up to the position of Vice President and served two terms from 2017 to 2019.”

Post commencement, Rogers said that “life after graduation was a transition. I had a lot of different opportunities and positions lined up for me, but nothing that really made me happy. It was hard trying to find something I was passionate about.

“Before I came back to St. Francis to work as an admissions counselor, I worked in Co-op City in The Bronx for Altice USA as a dispatch for technical support. I worked the job as a temp from November 2019 – February 2020. As soon as I got the job at St. Francis I left the Bronx.

Romello shared that “even after graduation I was still involved with the campus. I assist[ed] the Office of Student Engagement with events such as orientation. I still worked and attended athletic games as well as assisting outside groups under special events. Because of this, when a position was open within the office of admissions, word spread that the college felt I would be a good fit for the position.”

In the capacity of an admissions counselor, Romello’s only goal is to “continue to spread the goodness of the Franciscan values and the message of what St. Francis College has to offer to it’s students. I want to be able to tell a perspective student about my experience at St. Francis College and guide them throughout their journey.”

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