With the first regular season game only a few days away we are beaten down — but also overwhelmed with excitement.

Under our new coach Glenn Braica it feels like we should have our own St. Francis College edition of the HBO series Hard Knocks.

We had another hard nose, down and dirty gridiron week of practice with attacking the weights, condition running, and attacking each other like tamed animals to simulate our opponents.

As we went at each other head to head all week like two roosters in a cock fight, someone had to lose. We had shin splints, busted lips, knotted heads, a busted eye, concussions, and unwashed practice gear.

Saturday finally came and it was time for us to come together as a team and beat up on someone else and get a win.

We had a home scrimmage at 1pm and we were in the gym, on the floor, received treatment and ready to go to war at 12 noon — an hour early.

Binghamton finally arrived about half an hour after we got there.

In the first half we came out like mad dogs. We scratched, fought, and clawed and won the first half by about 10 points.

To our surprise we came out the second half with a little less intensity — and it showed when Binghamton jumped out to a 5-0 lead.

We survived their wave and jumped back on top 15-7 and won the second half as well.

Overall, we’re coming together more and more as a team and as a family.

As we scratch and claw at each other, we are just getting ready to go in to battle together against out opponents.

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