Warbucks is back on Broadway

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Annie opened on Broadway at the Palace Theatre in New York on Nov. 8. Directed by James Lapine and featuring Katie Finneran, Anthony Warlow, Lilla Crawford, Brynn O'Malley, Clarke Thorell, and J. Elaine Marcos.

 iIun5uAtGBqEThe play premiered for the first time in 1997 at the Alvin Theatre in New York City.

The play takes place in New York City during Christmas time.

The story is during the Great Depression in 1933.

The director, James Lapine, uses fictional and real life characters in the play.

The fictional main character, Annie, is left at an orphanage at an early age.

At the beginning of the play, Annie believes that one day her parents will return for her and take her away from the orphanage and from her evil caretaker, Miss Hannigan, who is played by Katie Finneran.

The children in the orphanage use musical numbers to describe how truly awful Miss Hannigan is, especially the song "It's a Hard Knock Life."

Annie is offered to spend Christmas with Oliver Warbucks, a billionaire. Annie and Oliver Warbucks form a great friendship and he agrees to try and find her biological parents. The show features real-life characters like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The show is in two acts. In the first act the play features several musical numbers including, "It's a Hard Knock Life," "Tomorrow," "Little Girls," "N.Y.C," and "Easy Street."

In the second act the play features musical numbers including, "Maybe," "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile," "Annie," and "New Deal for Christmas."

Oliver Warbucks offers a reward of $50,000 to help find Annie's parents. The reward catches the attention of Miss Hannigan, her con-brother Rooster, and his girlfriend, Lily.

They hatch a brilliant plan (in their eyes) to scheme Warbucks and convince everyone that they are Annie's biological parents by creating a false birth certificate.

The best features of the Broadway show was the famous musical numbers "It's a Hard Knock Life, and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile." In comparison to the famous 1982 film, the Broadway show provided limited involvement of Annie's dog, Sandy.

William Berloni frequently rescues dogs to cast the role of Sandy.

According to the playbill, Sunny, who plays Sandy, is a two-year old terrier mix who was discovered at the BARC Municipal Animal Shelter in Houston Texas, 24 hours before her time at the shelter was coming to an end.

This classical play ends with a happy ending for everyone except for Miss Hannigan, Rooster, and Lily. Annie is perfect for the whole family especially when it is viewed during the holiday season.

The Palace Theatre was often filled with laughter because of the numerous jokes featured in the Broadway show. I enjoyed the characters performance featured in the classic film a lot more compared than the Broadway show.

The play is expected to run until March 31, 2013 buy your tickets today. 

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