The Animazing Gallery in Soho has some of the best illustrations and paintings from popular comic artists. Located at 461 Broome Street in New York, it is definitely something to check out while you’re in the neighborhood or interested in purchasing works of art.

The gallery has been a landmark in Soho since 1984, and has a unique sense of color, playfulness and beauty. Some of the featured artists include Charles Schultz, Tim Burton, DC & Marvel Comics, Dr. Seuss, Disney, and Warner Bros.

The gallery’s other major location is in France at Chateau de Belcastel.

While walking along Greene Street, the gallery will surely catch your eye with the large Spiderman print hanging in the window. Upon entering, the walls are lined with dozens of portraits of the Peanuts gang in all different sizes and mediums. Some of the illustrations were done by cartoonist Charles Schulz himself, while Tom Everhart was responsible for the other pieces of artistry.

Everhart’s work in particular is truly remarkable, and is done mostly by lithograph.

Prices for some of his pieces are as high as $3200. While this is an impressive amount, some of Tim Burton’s original sketch work for The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington go for about $12000!

Although great art collectors of the city will comply with such prices, the less expensive option may be more appealing to others: for example, a few of the more affordable pieces from Burton’s collection were limited edition sketches from the movie, priced at around $195 apiece, and measure 17 x 17 in size.

“They carry quite unique stuff that you cannot possibly find anywhere else” said one customer who had just recently moved to NYC.

There was even one of the original desks that Schultz himself worked on being displayed at the gallery, in addition to plenty of work from Tim Burton, Dr. Seuss, and Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are) that lined the walls of the first floor.

A majority of the work in the gallery presents the artists’ originals – or in some cases, exclusives for the gallery itself. To even think of adding one of these pieces to your collection also comes with the expectation of spending at least a thousand dollars (for some of the larger works).

Most of the exclusive pieces are seen at various art shows that the gallery holds throughout the year, while others are available till purchased.

Even if you’re not looking to buy, this gallery is just fun to browse in. Once passing the first floor, the second floor reveals most of the DC and Marvel art work, along with those from Disney and Warner Bros. One of the more impressive pieces was the large oil painting of Iron Man.

While the gallery itself was amazing, the help offered inside was so-so. Of course, gallery employees were ready and willing to help if a person wanted to purchase artwork, but asking for some basic information about a painting or the gallery in general did not provide much insight.

Overall, the gallery is a must see if you plan to be in Soho. It’s something that people of all ages will be able to enjoy, and is a great place to spend an afternoon in New York City.

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