By Truc Quynh Dang

See below for a few quick thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians (while attempting not to spoil too much of the movie).

The movie was two hours in length, but while I was watching it felt much longer. The story could have been tightened up by cutting out a big chunk of the wealth display scenes.

Though successful in surprising the audience, the ending felt rushed and not convincing. I wish the screen time saved from redundant scenes was devoted to the resolution of the conflict between Nick and his mom and that between Rachel and Nick’s mom.

I enjoyed the visuals and music. However, in some scenes, the picture quality was not consistent – I felt like the focus of the frame was noticeably blurry on the theater’s big screen; e.g. the scene where Nick was chilling with his friend on the raft after leaving the bachelor party.

The friend’s wedding ceremony was a bit overdone to me. The chemistry between the two leads felt natural and culminated in the scene where they locked eyes at the wedding.

I don’t understand Mahjong’s rules but the Mahjong scene was definitely my favorite in the movie. This pivotal sequence was very well-directed.

The airline featured in the film (Pacific Asean Airlines) was an imaginary one. What a waste of publicity!

Awkwafina’s character (Rachel’s best friend) was a good comic relief. Her appearance evoked a lot of laughter in my theater.

Michelle Yeoh (Nick’s mom) and Gemma Chan (Astrid) did a fantastic job in this movie. Constance Wu (Rachel) was a good lead but her performance was limited by the weak writing of her character.

“Crazy Rich Asians” is an enjoyable romantic comedy overall. 7/10 – recommended!

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