It may come as a surprise that one of the most underrated and unthought-of places to visit in New York City is a cemetery in Brooklyn.

Green-Wood Cemetery spans over 478 acres of land and is one of the largest and greenest places in the city that is not considered to be a park. It has been around for centuries and has been part of a history many people know about, but don’t often look into seeing.

Within the cemetery, there is a battle ground that George Washington was apart of in the 1700’s called the Battle of Brooklyn. Graves of George Washington’s favorite dentist and more can be found throughout and there are even individuals buried in Green-Wood that had a great impact on history, including some that were a part of the Lincoln assassination. The cemetery also is the final resting place for Lewis Comfort Tiffany, who built the would-renowned company Tiffany for jewelry and stained glass.

Within Green-Wood there are several ponds, catacombs, monuments, an historic chapel, and thousands of graves sites and with Halloween right around the corner, there are also special tours being offered at twilight through the catacombs that are not opened to the public on a regular basis. Not to mention the beautiful views of Manhattan sunset on top of these gorgeous 478 acres.

Along with the tours, the cemetery also has a brief exposition based off of the earliest carnivals and amusement parks and the original families that started it all. Most of the expositions have a low fee to take part, but they definitely are worth it to keep this beautiful piece of land running and open to the public.

The admission is free and student Alyssa Sinclair says that “I never knew this (Green-Wood Cemetery) was there, and I never thought of going to a cemetery for an afternoon for fun before, but it is totally worth it”.

With all that Green-Wood Cemetery has to offer, will allow for fun but will also let people embrace the culture and rich history of Brooklyn.

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