The ‘Bodega Strike’ took place at Brooklyn Borough Hall in protest against Trump’s Immigration Ban on February 2, 2017.

President Trump’s executive order signed Friday, January 27 was titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” This order is affecting seven mainly Muslim countries, banning all refugees for 120 days including Syrian refugees. This act also caused the temporary seize of the visas of over 100,000 foreigners inside and out the United States.

This action caused yet another backlash among disagreeing civilians, this time the owners for several Bodega’s closed and gathered to voice their anger just down the block for St. Francis College. The crowd amassed for a large part of the day not only holding up signs and demanding justice but prayed together too.

“There must of been at least a thousand people out there.” One St. Francis College student told SFCToday.

“They started in the middle of the day and were still there by 8 o’clock at night.” The crowd was so powerful their protest could be heard from even inside the building of certain rooms in St. Francis College.

The crowd had a number of police officers on either side that had come to watch over the gathering and drawn passerby’s to stop to take photographs or videos of the event.

Even the traffic at Court and Remsen Street struggled more than usual to get through as people walked around the crammed sidewalks and news trucks parked along side the body of strikers.

This begs the question, how do the students here feel about the protest? The student body has always had a diverse opinion on current politics. Some in support of this strike and others could find it an annoyance, even those who were afraid of making the trip down the block in case the crowd drew violence. Only time can tell how politics will further impact the student’s experience of college life here at St. Francis College.