SFC Women's Film Festival 2018

By Aaliyah Humphrey


It only seems fitting that SFC is hosting its 3rd annual Women’s Film Festival after International Women’s Day. 

On a four-day schedule, the festival is scheduled to showcase a variety of women’s media from silent film to Virtual Reality Screening.

Communication Arts professor, Dr. Augusta Palmer is preparing for all the digital action.  

“I’m really excited about everything…At the very beginning of the film industry, women were right there directing and then when people figured out we could make money out of film making, women got pushed to the sidelines. And now we’re coming back in” Palmer said.  

Everything from screen panels, famous guest speakers, commercials and student films will be featured in the film festival. 

“For young women, I want them to see themselves as media makers, directors, movers and shakers” Palmer said.  

First-time filmmakers, Shala Franciosa and Marina Esparza, have felt just that.  

Franciosa is a volunteer coordinator for Dr. Palmer, while Esparza is a student intern.

Both students have met together during fencing and soon found the interest to make a short film together called Tiramisu – a fifteen-minute film about a young man in college who wants to keep up his drug addiction even though his college is cracking down on drug use.  

“It shows the desperation” Franciosa said.  

“It’s called Tiramisu and basically the name of the film came from the Italian desert. It’s not my favorite type of desert, but since the film has these bakery sweet elements; I thought it would be like a clever name to give this serious character” Esparza said. 

Like Dr. Palmer, they are also excited about what’s to come in the festival and hope to send a positive message to their audiences.  

“I just want them to see the creativity and how other films have connected to me and made me want to do films. I want that for someone else to be watching our film” Esparza said.  

Even though their film was prescreened last Friday, audiences still have a chance to see their film next week at the upcoming festival.  

Hopefully, the film will be acknowledged at the awards ceremony.

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