The Center for Student Success is holding a Meet the Majors event on Thursday, October 20 in Room 3301 from 11:10 to 12:10.

The event—the first in what will hopefully be a Meet the Majors series—aims to help students who are undecided on their majors or who are interested in switching majors choose their academic paths for the remainder of their time at SFC.

“Meet the Majors is an event hosted by the Center for Student Success for anyone who has an undecided major or they’re thinking of changing their major,” Anthony Agosto, a senior Biology major and a TA in the Center for Student Success, told SFC Today.

“And this one specifically is talking about Biology, and the classes that I and my friends took, and why we liked them, the professors in our department, and clubs related to the major and things you can do with Biology,” Agosto continued, “And we’re hoping that if this one is successful, we can continue to do it with all the other majors—Chemistry, Health Promotions, Accounting, Business—to help students have a better idea of what they want to major in.”

All students are welcome at the event.