by Nyla Booras

The St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society held its highly anticipated elections today, and the new Executive Board for the 2019-2020 academic year was announced.

Of the six races for leadership positions, two were competitive, those being SACOR (Student Assembly Core of Representatives) Secretary and Secretary of Society.

In fact, these two races were close enough to call for a recount, which was held, and ultimately led to Rebeca Oliveira emerging victorious in the race for SACOR Secretary, narrowly defeating her opponent, Ryan Elkassem.

In the other race where candidates received almost equal support, Rachelle Mejia clinched the title of Secretary of Society over her opponent, Gabby Smalls.

The fact that both of these races emerged as toss-ups just goes to show that all four candidates were equally qualified, harbored the support of many members, and truly had innovative ideas, foreseeing a bright future for the society.

In the remaining races with single candidates, Alex Terepka was chosen as the next Interior Secretary, and incumbent, Kelvin Nolasco will hold his title of Secretary of the Treasury.

President Nicholas Vitrano will enjoy a second-term as the society’s distinguished leader, and Stefano Forte will make the transition from current Interior Secretary to second-in-command as the new Vice President.

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