Girl Up — a national organization that helps girls living in difficult environments – has come to St. Francis College.

The United Nations foundation focuses on five areas of support – education, health, safety, leadership and documentation. Money that the foundation raises directly serves adolescent girls in developing countries, going towards things like solar lanterns for girls to study in the evening, health information, school supplies and leadership training in Guatemala, Liberia and Malawi.

Girl Up helps girls in Guatemala, Liberia, Malawi, Ethiopia and India with funding scholarships and more.

The SFC Chapter’s Founder and President Freshman Arianna Sartzetakis is very interested in politics and women’s rights and came across the organization through research.

“I knew I wanted to get involved and help other women around the world and Girl Up seemed like the perfect organization,” Sartzetakis told SFC Today.

She decided to bring it to SFC so that girls on campus can make a difference.

“I started Girl Up because I believe that every girl has the ability to change the world – and we at St. Francis can help one step at a time,” Sartzetakis said.

Girl Up can be beneficial to the college by raising awareness for issues girls face all over the world, and helping empowering women on campus, Sartzetakis added.

Dr. Wendy Galgan, the chair of the English department, has taken on the role of faculty moderator because she believes in the work that the foundation does.

“As a United Nations Foundation, Girl Up is able to help young women all over the world get a good education, become leaders in their communities and, in general, realize their dreams.,” Galgan told SFC Today.

Young women become empowered when they are standing up for girls around the world, Galgan said.

“Working in Girl Up will give St. Francis College students the skills — and the support — to effect change at the College, in their communities, even in the country as a whole,” Galgan added.

The organization held their first two events last week — a candy bar sale and a women’s empowerment forum.

“I think that this group is benefiting women greatly,” freshman Joe Rozas told SFC Today.

They can be found on Instagram @ girlupsfc.
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