By Zanna Shapiro

In an email from, people were encouraged to sign a petition to save the Brooklyn Heights Promenade:

“The Brooklyn Promenade is one of New York City’s most iconic venues, overlooking downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. But some city officials want to turn it into a six-lane highway.”

The email stated that the city’s Department of Transportation “is backing a plan that would temporarily replace the famous Brooklyn Heights Promenade with a six-lane highway” during a reconstruction of the BQE between Atlantic Avenue and Sand Street.

“In addition to turning the Promenade into a highway, the Chapin playground and part of Columbia Heights (including several structures) would also be sacrificed.  This would cut off important access to Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park.” referred to the Promenade as a beloved place to stroll “and enjoy the views of the harbor and lower Manhattan.”

Furthermore, “it also acts as an important physical and vegetative barrier to the pollution created by the 150,000 cars and trucks that use the BQE daily.

“To replace it with a highway is completely unacceptable,” the email read.

“It will change the peaceful nature of the neighborhood, increase noise and air pollution and damage the fragile historic homes in the neighborhood.

“We can not allow this to happen.” concluded their message by writing that the promenade is important to locals and tourists alike.


Click here to view the petition.


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