How often are you sitting in a classroom with students filled in every seat, but only a small number of them are actually paying attention? Young adults do not seem to appreciate education as much as they used to. Whether it is showing up late to class or not studying appropriately for tests, it seems as if we have lost the will, or the want, to succeed in college.

While distractions in the classroom, such as cellphone usage, are increasing, test scores and “A” grades are not. Cell phone usage, especially among college students, is the number one distraction in the classroom.

“I think the distraction of cellphones stops people from learning at their full potential, student Meghan Wing told SFC Today. “If people put as much attention into a class as they do to their phone, then they would be a lot more successful.”

Cellphones are now a top priority for college students and even though their grades reflect it, they do not change.

“I feel that cellphone usage is okay during emergencies, but those students who are constantly on their phones during class come across as inconsiderate and rude because the teacher is trying to educate and no one is taking advantage of it,” student Jamie Kelly said.

Constant cellphone distractions also point to a larger problem among students — a general lack of appreciation for learning. While walking through hallways, people are constantly speaking about how they did poorly on a test and laughing about it.

Since when did it become cool to fail an exam?

“The challenge is not to let the frustration of trying to empower disinterested students overshadow the pleasure of working with the passionate ones.” said sociology and criminal justice professor Dr. Boudon.

If we could put energy back into the desire to learn, the results would only be positive. Young adults should respect their professors more and instead of showing up late to class, come early. Instead of having your cellphone on your desk in front of you, replace it with a notebook and pen. Instead of studying a half hour for a midterm exam, put more effort into it so you are confident you will ace the exam. With each student making small changes, we can change the course of this disturbing trend and really make the most of our educational experiences.

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