Communication Arts Professor Dr, Augusta Palmer shared her film “A is for Aye-Aye: An Abecedarian Adventure” for its theatrical debut at BAMKids Film Fest this past weekend.

The screenings at BAMKids Film Fest were sold out. It was fabulous to see the film on a big screen with huge, enthusiastic audiences at one of my favorite cinemas,” Palmer told SFC Today.

The film is a mix of live action and animation including vintage images from the New York Public Library Picture Collection which tells the adventure story in alphabetical order.

A young girl befriends an aye-aye — a lemur from Madagascar — who leaps from the page of a collection she was reading in the New York Public Library — leading her on a joruney that brings 100 years of images to life.

“SFC students and faculty starred in and collaborated on the film, as well as supported our Kickstarter campaign and many of them were in the audience today,” Palmer told SFC Today. “It is such a rare privilege to be apart of such a supportive and creative community.”

Professor Palmer is best known for her film “The Hand of Fatima” which is a documentary about music, mysticism and family history. Her award-winning documentary and experimental video work has been screened in many different film festivals, big and small.

For more information on the film visit www.aisforayeaye.com or the Facebook Page: A is for Aye-Aye: An Abecedarian Adventure.