by Zanna Shapiro

ORA, an acupuncturist center located near Washington Square Park is “still here for the healing”.

ORA opened its space on March 4, 2020 — and had to temporarily close soon after due to COVID-19.

ORA is a wellness place that offers tea, tonics, and acupuncture.

They are currently offering free “wellness from home” sessions with their acupuncturists.

If interested, appointments can be booked by emailing or DMing the Instagram page, @oraspace.

Here’s what to expect:

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, so please me mindful of your and the acupuncturist’s time.

You will have an acupuncturist assigned to you. The virtual session lasts 30 minutes, and can be conducted via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

The acupuncturist will ask questions based on your gender, medical history, diet, and will address any concerns you may have.

Be prepared to show your tongue! This is common in Eastern medicine because the tongue reflects the health of organ systems.

Depending on your responses and what you choose to share during the session, you may discuss different herbal teas, supplements, food alternatives, and pressure points.

The assigned acupuncturist may be in contact with you after the session to offer additional suggestions.

Also, ORA goes live every Monday at noon, so if you’re curious, refer to their IG profile.

Or, feel free to visit their website

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