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OPINION: Fellow Terriers, you make me sick. As the Assistant Editor of SFC Today, I cover a majority of the men's and women's basketball games.

sfc court Monday night's game was my final tipping point before I had to voice my opinion on this issue.

Fan attendance at the basketball games this year has been horrendous. SFC Brooklyn plays in NCAA Division I.

Yes Division I, the same division as big name schools as Duke, UCLA, North Carolina and Notre Dame. While I understand those are huge universities with a bigger student body, it is worth noting.

According to the cumulative statistics on the average fan attendance for a men's basketball home game this year is 480 people per game. Are you kidding me? Peter Aquilone Court holds 2,000 people.

That's 1,520 empty seats for a men's team that is playing the highest level of basketball I have seen since I became a student here in 2009. The men's team is currently in second place in the NEC.
The NEC champion gets an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

Yes, the NCAA tournament that is broadcasted on national television where anything can happen. When you fill out your bracket, you can possibly see SFC Brooklyn listed as a 16th seed if they win the NEC Championship.

SFC students are the first to complain that there is "nothing to do on campus." Maybe if there was free food more students would attend games? If there is a speech or an event during the week, students rush to get the free food like there is no tomorrow. Students should show the same school spirit when it comes to supporting the basketball teams.

Senior Meaghan Kennedy said, "Well, I don't think there's much school spirit. If there were events like a pep rally, where all the students can come together and support the basketball teams, I think you would be able to attract more people to come to the basketball games."

An average of 480 fans per game is dreadful. The men's team plays many road games and when they come home you have to beg and plead for students to show up. I have seen more local people attend these games than SFC Brooklyn students.

In 2011, attending a Terriers game was named one reason to love New York by New York Magazine in their seventh annual Reasons to Love New York 2011 piece.

The men's team is very talented and every player and coach I have interviewed post game talked about establishing a home-court advantage, this is not possible without the student body support. While 480 fans per game is dreadful, the attendance for women's games is even worse.

Through five home games, the average attendance is 156 people per game. Abysmal is an understatement to describe this. Under new head coach John Thurston the women's team has a new focus and are a much improved team from years past.

SFC Brooklyn and LIU Brooklyn are located within blocks of each other. The two schools are bitter rivals. Last season, LIU beat SFC both times and went on to win the NEC Championship. The two teams meet on Thursday, Jan.24 at the Peter Aquilone Court.

Every student who can make it to this game should. LIU fans invaded the Terriers home court last season and were louder than our fans. LIU and SFC also meet in the Barclays Center in February. The Battle of Brooklyn takes place in the home of the Nets. There are no excuses for not attending this game that could have big NEC implications.

I make the trip all the way from Staten Island to support the Terriers. There is no reason why the attendance numbers should be this low when the majority of the students are one subway ride away from campus.

Support your fellow Terriers or stop complaining.

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