If you were a Film major at this year’s career fair looking forward to showing your millionaire smile to television network representatives: giving them firm handshakes and handing in your error-free resumes, you could just forget about it!

The annual St. Francis College Career Fair held in the Genovesi Center did not have enough stations for Film and Broadcasting majors. Many Communications students found themselves walking away with just as many resumes as they had walked in with.

Apparently, a dark cloud hangs over the heads of Communication majors who are seeking to become actors, directors, or film editors. The fair only had internships for: Public Relation and Marketing majors, Health Care majors, Criminal Justice majors, and even an internship for students who could join the babysitting business.

“Many students took the time to get dressed up, prepare resumes, and use their fifty-dollar ink, and eggshell paper to print out their resumes, only to find that the companies that they hoped to talk to were not there,” stated a highly annoyed Communications student.

The only places that Film and Broadcasting students could hand their resumes to were the networks of local radio stations. As first time attendees to the career fair, we hoped to meet with television networks such as ABC or HBO.

However, not everything at the career fair was completely hopeless.

The Career Center on the second floor did help us prepare an exceptional resume, and some of the representatives to radio stations did mention that their company expanded to television as well.

On the bright side, us Communication majors can look forward to preparing exceptional cover letters and sending them out to our desired companies. We just have to work a little harder to find our dream jobs.

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