People complain about the immaturity of the students who hang out in the cafeteria and goof off all day — but that’s because students are being denied access to the gymnasiums and other facilities in the school.

The facilities are often occupied by St. Francis athletes, which leaves non-athletes with nothing to do but go to the weight room or the cafeteria.

The first floor gymnasium most of the time is free, but the basketball teams utilizes it for practice.

Students would like to use their free time for recreation in the gym, but sometimes the security guards come in there and turn the lights off on the students.

Then, if they were to go to the fourth floor gymnasium, it might be occupied by another athletic team which might lock the gym doors after they are done.

Andrew Carty, a student at St. Francis College said, “I invest almost eight thousand dollars a semester to be in this school and can never do anything or even be anywhere. I commute from the Bronx every morning to get here — why travel back and forth to go pay extra for a membership at a gym over there when I have everything I need in school.”

Many of the students at St. Francis College are unhappy, and claim that they are very bored. What is St. Francis College doing to keep the students active? Are the Student Government Association and Student Activities really doing their job to keep the students occupied?

Faculty question why the students at SFC run wild and act like high school students in the cafeteria between class hours.

It is true that many students are always in the cafeteria, but what is the faculty doing to keep them out? It seems as if the faculty is pushing the students in there, but where else are the students supposed to go?

The faculty hold meetings and sometimes pass out surveys to figure out what would make the school better for the students and honestly it is getting worse.

Even the look of the cafeteria has changed, but not for the better. The cafeteria used to look like an appealing college lounge with better seating, stable dining tables, dim lighting, and a pool table. Now students say it looks like a combination of a psychiatric ward and an art gallery from Bedrock.

The result of not getting access to facilities might result in some students transferring out of SFC.

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