Communication Art majors, like myself, are required to take a total of 129 credits in order to graduate. If students do not plan out how many credits they should be taking each semester, they are bound to take an extra semester or two before graduating.

Majority of St. Francis College students are given a total of 13 credits for their first semester of their freshmen year, and I am one of those students. Knowing that 129 credits is needed to graduate, basic math shows it could be achieved by taking 16 credits for seven semesters and 17 credits for one semester, therefore giving freshmen 13 credits for their first semester is a set up for delay in order to graduate in four years.

Some may argue that students should make up for the loss of credits by taking the maximum of 18 credits during their other semesters, but it is difficult and stressful for the average student to take on an 18 credit semester while keeping a job or internship, participating in school activities, and more importantly trying to stay above a certain GPA in order to maintain their scholarship.

Others may propose the idea of taking intersession classes, but they are extremely expensive. Scholarships and financial aid do not cover the intersession expense, leaving students to find ways to generate enough money to pay for these intersession classes, as they are costly.

As a Communications Arts major writing for the school newspaper, I am allowed to receive three credits per semester for a maximum of two semesters, for a total of six credits towards my electives.

I would like to propose the idea that if a student like myself is dedicated and wants to remain on the school newspaper, we should be able to claim an additional six credits for working on the newspaper another two semesters. This will now give students a total of 12 credits to put towards their electives, and therefore this will bring Communication Art Majors closer to their graduation date.

This will help Communication Art majors get the credits they need and bring them closer to graduating in four years. Simultaneously, students are contributing and dedicating their time to what would be a stronger student newspaper. This serves as great experience and will build up student’s portfolios.

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