By Joshua Lynch

Some say they use their social media as an outlet for self-promotion — a tool they can use in gaining easy access for self-appreciation and notice.

On the contrary, others view social media as a way for people to abuse the idea of self promotion, overusing the concept of promoting oneself.

Studies were conducted regarding social media and narcissism, and indeed a link was found between the two.

Research had been done on the correlation between narcissism and Facebook, finding evidence that more self-centered individuals were more self-promoting on Facebook and had more “friends”.

I asked SFC students about what  they think about social media and how it can relate to narcissism: XYZ

In regards to the correlation between social media and narcissism, freshman Bathusi Tirelo said, “I believe it.”

Student Joshua Mensah commented, “I know so many people who post themselves on social media obsessively, but when I see them in person, they’re like turtles in a shell.”

Though it’s the people who boast about their thrilling life — having a profile filled with photos and videos of themselves captured on their social media feed — are the ones who come off as narcissistic.

“It’s like seeing the other side of a person”, SFC senior John Waterton said, “behind that phone screen they seem like they’re in a world of so much fun, but then in person it’s a whole other person.”

But these are the people who discern themselves as being “extraordinarily talented” or “successful”.

These are the people who feel they must manifest themselves to others for approval.

More and more studies have shown in what we have come to find out: we’re living in a self-centered world.

Sure, the topic of self-promotion and narcissism should be used to generate content (say for business purposes), but where does the line stand when it becomes a mental habit?

With the network making it easier day by day in giving people an approach to a world of mass audience, there’s no telling how far the topic of narcissism skyrockets through this generation of social media.

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