As an amateur boxer I got to mix it up with one of the greatest boxers of this past era, Roy Jones Jr., who came to St. Francis College. The advisors of the communication department knew I was a boxer on the come up and took me back stage to meet Jones.

As a professional he has captured IBF championships in the middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.
Jones also became the first fighter to start his career as a junior middleweight and win a heavyweight title.

I got a chance to asked Roy Jones a couple of question about the boxing world.

I asked Jones about the difference in winning an amateur bout and a professional bout?

Jones said: “Well in the amateur you got to have fast hands and throw a lot of punches, where as professional fighters get to take their time and land one or two good punches at a time.”

He also gave me the best advice I’ve received since I been boxing.

Jones said: “Never worry about trying to hit your opponent hard, always try to hit your opponent with fast punches, because think about it — what makes a bullet powerful? The faster it (is) going at its target, right, so the faster you are, the (more) powerful you always will be.”

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