By Aaliyah Humphrey

While the Brooklyn Queens Expressway decision is still pending, a Cross Downtown Brooklyn tunnel idea from Cobble Hill resident, Roy Sloane is being considered.

The tunnel according to reporter, Mary Frost was expected to run 2 miles from the Gowanus expressway to Flushing Avenue near the Brooklyn Navy yard in 2010.

Now the idea is being durable after many disagreements of the construction so far.

“I am in favor of rehabilitating the structure and I feel that the tunnel will remove most of the traffic… You need a straight line between two points and if you look at the map…I call it a double dog leg.” Sloane said.

Sloane also added that the success of this proposal should redirect traffic from BQE, cut travel and improve quality of life.

“If we remove heavy trucks from the roadway…and we cut down to two lanes at least for a period of time, that will take a substantial amount of weight of the structure.” He said.

The reason why it didn’t work the first time was because of the massive financial expenses the state passed over.

“The state at that time was going to pay for the BQE repairs…the state just pulled away in the middle of the night.” Frost said.

Despite these ideas, there are still other options from the Brooklyn Heights Association to run the BQE along Brooklyn Bridge park if the BQE is not replaced.

Overall, Sloane believes the state should take control of the highway issue and a feasibility study should be made to determine the complications.

“Anyway you look at it, it’s a massive project.” Frost said.

Image by The New York Times

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