Written by Nicole Taliercio

On November 6, St. Francis College held its very first Nursing Club Q&A session. The Nursing Panel Q&A focused on career trajectories.

The Faculty Moderator of the SFC’s Nursing Club is Dr. Estelle Press.

With the help of the student co-presidents, Megan Kuehne and Hannah Berger, the Nursing Club has blossomed into a well-known club on campus.

The Nursing Club’s Panel was moderated by Dr. Press.

Dr. Press invited nurses from various specialties in nursing to participate in the Q & A session.The panel consisted of Beatrice Adam, Anne Bové, Charlyn Habeeb, Eileen Kehoe, Eleanor Kehoe, De’Vorah Levi, and Dillon O’Sullivan.

Each nurse shared his or her own unique story and offered advice in regards to first-time nursing, externships, job search, and more.

Beatrice Adams spoke about her experience in the work force. She felt that knowing about the hospital that one is thinking of applying to is extremely important.

Professor Anne Bové said that nursing is a gift and she did not have to get on a plane to see the world, rather she went to work and saw the world.

Charlyn Habeeb felt that nursing is the most trusted profession.

Eileen Kehoe, Dr. Eleanor Kehoe’s daughter and graduate of St. Francis College, is a nurse at Sloan Kettering, and she said that it is an honor and a privilege to be at someone’s bedside to help them enter the earth or die peacefully. Dr. Eleanor Kehoe, Department Chair, believes academia is an extremely positive factor in nursing.

De’Vorah Levi stated that prevention is the best medicine, and we must work together to focus on prevention rather than waiting for the sickness to occur.

Dillon O’Sullivan, a graduate of St. Francis College, strongly encouraged each and every student to do externships in order to make connections for future careers.

Dr. Press and the Nursing Club student officers did a phenomenal job. Pre-nursing and nursing students learned many tips to help with their current status as a student, as well as their futures.