The prestigious Franciscan Honors Society Duns Scotus is now accepting applications for the new crop of inductees for 2017.

Unknown 22The Honors Society accepts applicants who have at least a Junior standing, a 3.7 GPA and participation in two school activities, including an officer position in one of those activities.

Duns Scotus aims to have students who have developed a holistic portfolio and pride themselves in being more than just a great student or athlete. Though all of that is difficult to attain, it inspires a drive in many students as a goal to reach.

“In anything I do here, I always ask, ‘What kind of fingerprint will I leave?'” President of Duns Scotus, Senior Adriannah Rodriguez, told SFC Today.

There are two very important community service projects that the society’s members try to coordinate every year, the first included donating books to classes in Bishop Laughlin High School, Rodriguez continued. Over the summer, the high school students got to read books donated by SFC, and had the chance to meet the authors at the St.Francis-hosted Brooklyn Book Festival. Duns Scotus members participated in this year’s event for the second time.

This year also marked the second time the organization did a park clean-up at a local garden, helping to replant and re-soil.

Besides doing good things for the community, and being recognized for their hard work done in St. Francis, there are many other rewarding aspects of being a member of Duns Scotus. There is a wide network of past inductees to connect with for job opportunities—where many have gone to do great things—so there is a lot of potential in being involved.

“Since last year was one of the biggest in regards to number of people inducted, the application process is going to be more selective,” Rodriguez said. There are also necessary peer recommendations and moderator recommendations so the judges know they are selecting students who are motivated and want to make an impact.

Faculty members are also accepted when they are nominated by current members.

Applications are available in Room 2305, and the deadline to submit is December 12. For any questions, please email Adriannah Rodriguez at arodrigues1886@sfc.edu.