Women’s Volleyball sophomore, Maggie Niu has been an integral part of the team this season.

Niu comes to St. Francis Brooklyn from San Tan Valley, Arizona. The adjustment to NYC was difficult for Niu.

“I am/was a homebody,” she said.

She is not the only Niu in NYC, though. Her older sister lives here as well.

“My sister, Rachel, moved in with me. That really calmed my nerves and made it easier to transition from the ‘dirt’ town to the big city,” she said.

Niu came into SFBK with the determination and perseverance to become a starter. “I wanted to [be a starter], so I knew I had to work hard at every practice and in the weight room,” she said.

“If I wanted to play, I had to earn my spot just like everyone else,” which is exactly what Niu accomplished.

The middle hitter leads the team with 232 kills. Niu averages 2.42 kills per set.

Since her 2012 season, she has improved immensely. Niu now has 1.74 digs per set, which is essential for her position in the back row. Head Coach Micah Acoba was a big help.

“He taught me how to pass and that made a difference in my game and has made me better,” she said.

On Sept. 28, 2013, the Terriers pulled the biggest upset in the Northeast Conference by beating number one seed, Central Connecticut State University. Niu alone had a career high 20 kills in that match.

“Throughout the game, I was just reminding myself to stay calm. I would envision myself doing my job, and doing it well,” said Niu.

With the team being 6-21 overall, Niu has strong support after the team’s losses. “My team has always been there for me whether it was after a win or a loss.”

Winning games does not come down to only one integral player, according to Niu.

“This is a team effort and it can’t just be one person’s fault for a loss or just one person doing a great job for a win,” she said.

Niu said wins and losses are all collective. Every member of the team from Coach Acoba, to the Assistant Coaches, down to the players is responsible for the outcome.

At the “Small College of Big Dreams,” all athletes support each other. Niu’s sister is not the only familiar face she sees at her home games.

“It is still nice to have out friends and fellow Terriers support us through our wins and losses,” she said.

Niu also attended all of the Men’s Soccer home games, alongside the Women’s Volleyball and Basketball teams. “I love going to the Soccer games to support them because it is so fun to go wild and cheer,” she said.

Niu does not only go to support her fellow Terriers, but also to support her boyfriend, Co-Captain, Andy Cormack.

Niu and the Women’s Volleyball team will be back in action in the Genovesi Center on Nov. 2, 2013 at 1 p.m. against LIU Brooklyn.

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