By SFC Today Staff

Students, staff, and faculty at St. Francis College will have to cope with no food providers in the cafeteria come this fall, albeit temporarily.

Rosario and the Acquista family said their goodbyes to SFC this summer “to leave the college to focus on other ventures.”

SFC will welcome “a new food service provider from the owners of Lassen and Hennings, Monty Q’s and Court Order” later this fall.

While we wait, a food truck will be available for the first weeks of the semester, offering breakfast service on Remsen Street every morning, Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

The SFC community is encouraged to explore “the variety of international delicacies” available in the neighborhood.

In an email from the college president and cabinet, it states that “the College arranged a temporary 25% discount at Court Order (52 Court Street) and Monty Q’s (158 Montague Street) for all SFC faculty, staff and students who present a valid SFC ID until food service opens on campus.”

In the near future, accounts with these food services will be created for authorized users.

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