If you are working a full-time job, double majoring in college and volunteering in your community, you may want to take a few words of wisdom from SFC student Nathalie Taveras on how to keep up.
When it comes to school, work, and volunteering, Nathalie takes the definition of “multitasking,” to another level.

When she is not studying to get her Bachelors and Masters in Accounting along with a Bachelors in Management, Nathalie works at Tronilo Properties, Inc. (a private real estate business that handles REO for banks) as a property manager while also attending SFC full-time.

When her time is not consumed with working, you will find her volunteering at the Bloomingdale Family Head Start Program, where she assists in planning college tours, meetings and annual conferences to aid students getting ready for college.

While thinking about the reasons why she takes on so much responsibility, Nathalie said “I’ve been doing this my whole life, so I’m use to it and I enjoy it. I enjoy the stress, being busy, and being able to not only help and better myself but others as well.”

Even though her time seems like it is completely taken over by work, Nathalie makes sure she can dedicate some time out of the week for family and friends.

“I dedicate my weekends to my family, friends and my classes. That’s when I get most of my work done for the following week. If I can’t fit in my volunteer hours during the week, I will be doing it on Saturday mornings.”

Nathalie views herself as being a professional about completing assignments on time and being punctual to all of her appointments. She performs all of this with hopes of helping her native country, the Dominican Republic.

“I have a huge passion for helping my country, Dominican Republic, with their progression. I feel that the knowledge, experiences, and skills I’ll gain from these two majors will enable me to help my country bypass their daily struggles like poverty.”

Location is vital for Nathalie in regards to studying. Places where she can avoid distraction from all the noise on the second floor lounge or the cafeteria at SFC are best. Giving advice to SFC students on where to study, Nathalie said, “find a place where you won’t get distracted and can concentrate, and once you go, that becomes your hang out spot. My place is Barnes and Noble on 66th Street, in their café, which I go there every weekend morning.”

Nathalie also stresses the importance of updating your resume for internships, SFC Job Fairs, and any other opportunity for further employment. “Update your resumes continuously! It’s an ongoing process that needs to be updated, improved and worked on because it represents you. Unfortunately, this document [the resume] is all the employer has to know what kind of person you are, so be active, get involved and represent who you are. You can’t just work on it once a year!”

With the school year going into full swing, it is important that students here at St. Francis College, take advantage of all the free time they can get. Juggling different priorities in life is not always easy but Nathalie Taveras proves that it is not impossible.

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