The Barclays Center has rapidly grown into the entertainment mecca of Brooklyn. Located on Atlantic Avenue, the stadium has hosted top-notch entertainers including Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z.

The sports arena is more commonly known as being the home of the NBA team the Brooklyn Nets.

The Barclay center is competing with other arenas across the Metropolitan area such as Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. In 2004 real estate developer Bruce Ratner purchased the Nets with the intention of uplifting Brooklyn’s economy. Ratner realized the Nets would need a home; the idea became the birth of the center. The concept was met with a great deal of community resistance. Residents were skeptical about the amount of traffic and tourists the arena would offer.

However, the showground has uplifted the economy of Brooklyn. Barclays has offered employment to NYC, but primarily to the Brooklyn community. Offering positions in sales, hospitality and media being that the arena is located near Atlantic Mall, which has increased sales because of the new attraction.

The stadium opened in 2012 introducing powerhouse entertainer Jay-Z at its first concert. The concert sold out in a matter of hours and is arguably the greatest arena for concerts and sporting events.

The Barclay Center is the first professional sports and entertainment venue in the NY metropolitan area to achieve the Silver Certification Award for new construction. The massive construction can certainly boast of its conquests.

In less than two years Barclay has offered employment, became the residence of an NBA team and brought Jay-Z back home.

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