COREiculum is the first college workout program designed for college students with busy schedules with barely any time to workout and eat healthy.

College students face many challenges when entering a new stage of life that stretch far beyond textbooks and late night partying. Adjusting to living on your own, balancing time, workouts and meals all take a toll on a student. Some college students face the Freshman Fifteen – a fifteen pound weight gain from late night eating, lack of sleep and drinking.

COREiculum is 2 DVD set packed with 6 COREses which includes Plyometrics, Kickboxing and the Dean of all workouts: Boot Camp with Professor Stern and 3 Extra Credit COREses including Cardio Dance, Yoga and 10-Minute Body Pump. The Program includes the first semester of workouts. CORE realizes that while being on a college budget eating healthy can be tough so the DVD set includes a nutrition guide cheat sheet telling you the best ways to eat. “It doesn’t tell you what to eat but how to eat,” said Stern.

Andy Stern, founder of COREiculum and nationally certified for group aerobic training was dissatisfied with the results from other at home workout programs while attending school full time. Stern knew he really could change the lives of college students if he could create a college friendly workout program and he decided to take the idea and run with it, literally. Stern, a Monmouth University graduate began the program at his college with the help of Leon Hess Business School Professor John Buzza.

“I am most thankful for John Buzza and the resources that he opened for me on campus – he truly believed in the product,” said Stern. Buzza with the help of his entrepreneurship class turned the product into a complete program production including marketing and licensing.

The CORE team is launching COREinations, which are like freshman orientation for fitness across the platforms in college campuses. The COREinations will be a fundrasing opportunity for a good cause as well as promoting and teaching students on how to make a long-term life style change, “I want you to learn that it is not about proving something to anyone, but about improving something about yourself,” said Stern. Stern hopes for St. Francis College to be one of the first stops on the COREintation tour.

Stern has a strong team and is currently trying to expand by making more students CORE professors and ultimately expand the program across in campuses across the country.

The world of fitness has taken full advantage of the power of social media and as a new product COREiculum has daily motivation via Twitter and Instagram, which helps students connect better. “Social media opened up an entire market an entire industry of young people ambitious to be in the fit world,” said Stern. Follow @COREiculum on Twitter for daily ways to get you moving.

Finals are right around the corner which means bikini season will be here before we know it. The program may be designed for the college consumer but according to Stern it is so much more than that. “It is not a program that has a time limit but it’s a lifestyle change the further you progress you will see changes in the future,” said Stern.

The second and third semester DVD’s are in the future plans for the CORE team.

For more questions visit the site http://www.coreiculum.com

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