By Elvita Bouzy

In a recent survey poll of 15 students, conducted by yours truly on the Saint Francis College Campus, millennials weighed in on their opinion on the Commander in Chief’s, Donald Trump’s first year in office. I found that out of the 15 people that I interviewed that the majority, 11 to be exact were not as impressed with Trump. Two people, one of which was an avid Trump supporter and 1was undecided and another person, “didn’t really care.”

When asked about their feelings about Trump the majority did not have a lot of positive statements. One of the respondents, Julie Munoz, 19 years old freshmen stated “I do not like to use the term hate, but I strongly dislike him.” “He is a businessman and is running America like a business. America is not a business.”

Another student, Miranda, age 20 and majors in sociology states, that “Although she was not happy that he was elected she still maintained some kind of optimism that he would do good.” She feels very disappointed in the president’s behavior.

Romello Rogers, 21 years old junior majoring in sociology says that the president “could be more productive and focus more on fixing the healthcare problem and gun control.”

Telequa Thompson, a 21 year old senior says that she’s surprised he is still president and thought that he would have been impeached by now.” She feels that he has not improved anything in America and that his actions and policies have caused the United States to have more enemies than before.

Jessica Herrera, 19 years old sophomore feels that he makes a lot of mistakes and has exhibited what she feels is “ unethical behavior” due to the allegations of him paying off a porn star who he denies having sexual favors with but yet still paid her to silence her claims.

Kevin Nolasco, 19 year old sophomore states that although he is not a Trump supporter, he “would be lying if he said that trump has not done anything.” “He has done a couple of good things.” For example, Nolasco thinks that due to President Trump’s decrease regulation policy the economy is growing. However he still feels that his rhetoric is divisive.

Donald Trump, 2015 on immigrants: “They have to go.”

Zoe, 20 years old, sophomore, says that she too is not impressed with The President. She states that: “I know people (immigrants) in my building that cried when he was elected out of fear that they would be deported”, based on his anti- immigration campaign.

Donald Trump, 2015: “I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me — and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

On the flip side, Bryan,19 year old freshman, and product of two immigrant parents from Ecuador not only voted for Trump but supports The Wall. Bryan was born in the United States and feels that “a lot of illegal immigrants are coming from the Mexican border.”

“Many of these people are not even Mexican.” He believes that immigrants should have a right to come To the United States but that they should do so in “the right way”, like his parents did by waiting and going through the legal process.

He also spoke of a man that his father knows who came from Pakistan and went to Mexico in order to come to the United States. Although Bryan says he voted for Trump he also feels that Trump has not fulfilled his promise to the American people about producing more job growth. He says : “He bullshitted on the job thing.”

“I don’t think he can do it. When asked why he does not stand behind Trump on this matter he reveals that he “does not support Trump 100% and that the only reason that he voted for him is because he was the only Republican nominee.

Kevin, 19 years old, a sophomore and a staunch supporter of the president believes that Trump has done an excellent job in his first year. Especially with his immigration reforms as well as his proposal to end certain social service programs such as SNAP food stamp program. Kevin states that he agrees with Trumps in that:, “People that are from other countries should not be able to benefit from social programs such as welfare if they have not paid taxes.

He also thinks “background checks should be given to immigrants coming into the country. When asked how did he think that this would be possible? How could we check the background of every single immigrant entering the U.S, he had no proposal but claimed that Trump’s band on immigration on certain countries is a good thing.” “That people who were not coming to America to do good things should not be allowed in.”

Ryan, 18 years old and a freshman is not a supporter of trump but does not really care if the wall gets built or not. His father is a Morrocan immigrant and he understands the immigration issue both personally and politically. Although his father (and uncle) entered the United States legally He believes that “blanket amnesty should be given to immigrants that are already here illegally and new policies on immigration should then be made as opposed to deporting everybody.”

He says that “We turned a blind eye when it was convenient and now that it has become a problem we want to try and fix it aggressively.” He thinks that we should accept our previous mistakes on immigration leniency and move on with blanket amnesty first and policy reform after. He thinks that it is not “cost effective or morally right to deport people in such a manner, especially since we allowed them to come in and more especially if they are already settled in with a life here.”

One student Allan S. 18 years old and a freshman was indifferent to the subject. He immigrated from Russia as a child but doesn’t really follow politics or care about Trump or politics. When asked about what he thought about trumps desire to deport illegal immigrants and deter more immigration from certain groups of people, he did however have an opinion there. He says: He thinks that Trumps’s deportation policy would be fair if it helps deter immigration of criminals.
Trump: “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.”

Trump had said, “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.”

Unfortunately, this would be the truth according to Trump, by Trump and for Trump. This is an inaccurate and frankly bias assessment that does not fit history. Former Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama has had much more successful first year in office ratings. Franklin D. Roosevelt being the most successful. While he has made some kind of accomplishments, they are not up to par with his predecessors and for the most part his approval ratings has been the lowest for any president ever. Amongst those disapproving of the 45th President and his administration are the millennials who are obviously at odds with his political agendas and policies.

As it stands for the most part Millennials (at least 11 out of 15) on the campus of Saint Francis are NOT impressed with the President’s actions in his first year in office.

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