by Zanna Shapiro

Mike Phillips ‘08 studied English at SFC and is now a Senior Admissions Counselor.

He said he didn’t know much about St. Francis College besides the fact that his uncle attended the institution in the 1970’s and was on the basketball team.

“I wasn’t familiar with all the great things that awaited me at St. Francis college until I came for an Open House and fell in love with the community that I felt when I walked through the doors.”

Once enrolled, he changed his major a few times, “it ranged from coming as an Accounting Major and it ended with a Degree in English. What I liked most with being indecisive about my major was that a lot of the courses intertwined amongst most of the majors and it didn’t extend my academic timeline to graduate.”

After graduation, Phillips was able to get a Union job with 32B where he was a doorman and head porter for an apartment building on Park Avenue in Manhattan.

“I worked as doorman for 10 years before going into teaching, where I taught 5th grade Science, Math and Religion at Our Lady of Fatima before ‘coming home’ and getting a position in the Admissions office as a Counselor. I have been working in the Admissions office for approximately 3 years.

“St. Francis College changed my life as a student. It helped provide me the tools to be able to break out of my shell and provide me the platform to be myself. I was able to be involved with many clubs and organizations and stayed in touch with a lot of people that I met when I was a student.

“Dean Ruben Gonzalez always reached out and let me come in during different events to talk to the leaders of the clubs and organizations and let me tell my story. It also helped me stay in touch with all the changes that were occurring at the College over the years and when I found out there was a position to join the Admissions Team it was a no brainer to put in an application to apply for the job.”

Mike’s advice for students is “to enjoy the journey. During your time in college there will be ups and downs, but the most important thing is to enjoy it. That means being involved through joining clubs, going out to different events or supporting the different athletic programs.

“By being involved, you will receive the full experience that a college has to offer. Lastly, always push yourself scholastically. Don’t ever give up on yourself and know that there is always somebody there will be there to assist you and guide you to success.”

Last but not least, SFC Today inquired about any personal goals that Mike Phillips had, and here is what he had to say:

“One personal goal that I strive to succeed in is being able to always learn from any situation I am in. I feel that any scenario that is brought your way or any situation that you need to deal with also has a learning experience within them and it is important to always grow from all of these experiences.

“Through life we are always learning and it is important to remember that there is always another life lesson to be taught.”

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