The SFBK Men’s Cross-Country team is competing in Loretto, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013 at the NEC Cross Country Conference Championship, hosted by St. Francis University.

The men’s team, which has been plagued by continuous injuries this season, is looking to put that behind them and perform their best this weekend.

Three key runners for the Terriers last season were seniors Michael Gale, Jason Stapleton, and freshman Louis Porto.

Unfortunately, all three succumbed to injuries this season, but are providing added support this weekend to their fellow teammates.

The newly stocked men’s team consists of four freshman runners and one junior.

The top finisher for the Terriers has been freshman Damian Duda, who has provided some extra energy and spirit to the squad.

Junior Quesnel Senatus has stepped up enormously this year by providing some experience to the young squad.

Freshmen Lamar Gillespie, Luther Gillespie, and Jalon Wilson are adjusting to college running, but are looking to have stellar performances this weekend.

The team will compete against nine other NEC squads. The men are looking to place well as a team, while fighting projected harsh weather conditions.

“Since it is a championship race and anything can happen, we are looking forward to seeing the men’s team finish up their season strong,” said assistant coach Brian Nersten.

The men’s 8k race will go off at 11am on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013.

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