by Mary Lakhan

Saturday evening at Loretto, PA, the St. Francis Brooklyn Men’s Basketball Team (7-8, 1-2) were edged by the Saint Francis (PA) Red Flash (10-5, 3-1) as Randall Gaskin finished with a good buzzer-beater, 80-81.

Early in the first half, both teams were head to head. However, on an 8-3 run, the Terriers distance themselves bring the score to 12-7 but the Red Flash would soon equalize 12-12.  Yet again, the Terriers would take the lead, but the Red Flash would equalize at 30-30. On a 9-0 run, the Red Flash would take the lead and would go into half time with a 40-47 lead.

Entering the second half, the Red Flash continued with the same energy expressed in the first half as they added to their lead taking it into double figures in the third minute of play, 48-58. Working their way back, the Terriers equalized in the last two minutes, 76-76.

Fighting to take the win, both teams played with more energy and power. With five seconds on the clock, Chauncey Hawkins landed a perfect two shots at the free-throw line to take the score to 80-79 in favor of the Terriers. Randall Gaskins, not giving up hope, ran through the Terriers defense scoring a buzzer-beater, taking the win for the Red Flash 80-81.

Top performers for the Red Flash were Isaiah Blackman, Keith Braxton, Randall Gaskins, and Ramiir Dixon-Conover.

Redshirt senior guard Isaiah Blackman led his team with 19 points in 39 minutes. He also recorded seven rebounds, four assists, four steals, and landed five of seven free-throws.

Senior guard Keith Braxton finished with 13 points in 32 minutes. He also finished with eight rebounds, one assist, and one steal.

Senior guard Randall Gaskins, Jr., tallied 12 points in 24 minutes of play. He also recorded two rebounds, three assists, one steal, one block, and landed three of four free-throws.

Junior guard Ramiir Dixon-Conover finished with 10 points in 21 minutes. She also finished with two rebounds, two assists, one steal, and landed a perfect two shots at the free-throw line.

For the Terriers, junior guard Chauncey Hawkins led his team with 16 points in 27 minutes. He also finished with four rebounds, five assists, two steals, and landed a perfect six free-throws.

Freshman guard Rob Higgins finished with 14 points in 29 minutes. He also finished with two rebounds, one steal, and landed perfect five shots at the free-throw line.

Graduate guard Unique McLean and senior forward Milija Cosic both finished with 11 points. McLean also finished with seven rebounds, two assists, one block, and one steal in 25 minutes. Cosic also finished with six rebounds and scored two of three attempted three-pointers in 22 minutes.

The Terriers will be back on the court on Wednesday, January 15, at the Pope Physical Education Center, Brooklyn Heights, NY, as they host the Long Island Sharks (LIU) Sharks. This game will be streamed live on SNY. Game tips off at 7 p.m.

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