by Mary Lakhan

Monday evening, the St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers (8-10, 2-4) fell to the Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers (8-11, 4-2) 39-59 at the Knott Arena in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Early in the first half, sophomore guard Vado Morse recorded the first five points of the contest for the Mountaineers. They then went on a 15-8 run to take their lead into double-digits, 8-20. On a 7-3 run, the Terriers brought the lead back to a single digit, 15-23. However, on 13-4 run, the Men from the Mount regained a double-digit lead taking the first half, 19-36.

Entering the second half, the Terriers started on a 4-0 run (23-37) however the Mountaineers, continuing with the same momentum expressed in the first half, went on a 20-6 run bringing the score to 29-57. In the Terriers’ final attempt of a comeback, they embarked on a 7-0 run to bring the final score to 39-59.

Top players for the Mountaineers were Vado Morse, Nana Opoku, and Damian Chong Qui.

Sophomore guard Vado Morse led his team with 19 points in 31 minutes of play. He also scored four of seven attempted three-pointers.

Redshirt sophomore forward Nana Opoku finished with a double-double in 34 minutes. He recorded 17 points, 10 rebounds, and landed seven of 12 shots at the free-throw line.

Sophomore guard Damian Chong Qui finished with 16 points in 33 minutes. He grabbed seven rebounds, assisted in five baskets and landed four perfect shots at the free-throw line and scored two attempted three-pointers.

For the Terriers, top performers were Rob Higgins, Deniz Celen, Unique McLean, and Milija Cosic.

Freshman guard Rob Higgins coming off the bench led his team with 13 points in 29 minutes. He also recorded three rebounds, two steals and landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line.

Senior forward Deniz Celen finished with eight points in 22 minutes. He recorded six points within the first five minutes of the contest. He also finished with one rebound, two steals, and two blocks.

Graduate guard Unique McLean and senior forward Milija Cosic finished with a combined six points. McLean finished with four points, 10 rebounds, one steal, and one block in 36 minutes. Cosic finished with two points, seven rebounds, one assist, and one block in 13 minutes.

The Terriers will be back in action on Thursday, January 23, as they host the Robert Morris Colonial at the Pope Physical Education Center, Brooklyn Heights, NY. Game tips off at 7 p.m.

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