By Jenna Bahnsen and Taylor Smith

The No. 5 seeded St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers fell to the No. 4 seeded LIU Blackbirds 73-50 in the Northeast Conference quarterfinals game contested in the Blackbirds’ home court, the Steinberg Center.  

The starting lineup for the Terriers featured senior Jagos Lasic (33), junior Joshua Nurse (11), freshman Jalen Jordan (14), sophomore Rasheem Dunn, and junior Glenn Sanabria (10).     

Sophomore guard Rasheem Dunn started off the game by getting two points for the Terriers one minute and 21 seconds into the game.  

This was immediately countered by LIU with a 2 pointer of their own.  

LIU then took an early lead with a three pointer that put the score at 5-2.  

With five minutes left in the half the Terriers were trailing the Blackbirds by 12.  

The Terriers were able to put up four more points before the end of the half but the Blackbirds put together a run of their own started by a dunk from freshman forward Eral Penn.  

At the end of the half the score sat at 35-23 with the Blackbirds leading the terriers by 12.

The Terriers opened up the second half with a two pointer from junior Joshua Nurse.  

Two free throws from Jagos Lasic narrowed the difference to ten points.  

The Terriers trailed the Blackbirds for the remainder of the second half with the Terriers only putting up 27 points compared to the Blackbirds’ 38 points.  

The final score sat at 73-50 with the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds taking home the win.

The Terriers ended their season with a 13-18 record overall and had a nine game improvement this season.

 Although the night did not end in St. Francis Brooklyn’s favor, when spoken to after the game, the Terriers head coach Glenn Braica stated “I’m proud of my guys for this year, I think we had a pretty good season for a team that wasn’t picked to do much.”  

Season highlights for the Terriers also include freshman Jalen Jordan being selected to the Northeast Conference All-Rookie Team and sophomore Rasheem Dunn being selected to Second Team All-Conference.  

The St. Francis Brooklyn Men’s Basketball team has a lot of young talent coming back next year and is looking forward to a positive season.