Over the summer, St. Francis College changed the Brooklyn Bridge logo that featured on the school’s ads, posters and St. Francis giveaways.

It is now the schools initials, “SFC” surrounded by the school’s Latin motto and city/state location. The new logo may signal a new and authentic beginning for years to come, but how does it sit with the students and faculty members of St. Francis this year?

Moriah Kreppein, a senior majoring in Psychology, felt that the old logo worked just fine for the school. “The Brooklyn Bridge is a key icon of Brooklyn Heights,” said Kreppein. ”We don’t have a campus. Brooklyn Heights is our campus.”

The “logo let go” did not sit well with some of the freshmen as well. Out of the freshmen interviewed, a majority of them liked the old logo and said that the new logo was “boring and plain.”

However, faculty members that were asked about the new logo were happy with the change. Some feel that the change fits well with the college and allows it to attract a global audience.

The new logo “distinguishes [the college] from the rest that use the Brooklyn Bridge as a logo,” one faculty member said when asked about the change. Another faculty member added “the Latin adds integrity” and the logo could be used on a bigger scale.

St. Francis College’s President Brendan J. Dugan ’68 mentions the change on the school’s official website in an article called “New Year, New Logo, New Portal. He stated, “we feel the new crest is a more meaningful representation of who we are and the values we want to express. With a glance, I think you can now learn a lot about our history, mission and focus.”

It is evident that the change of the logo has both the old and new generations choosing different sides.

This is not new in American history for we can trace the feud between generations during the Rock and Roll era as well as the “groovy 60’s”.

During the summer, St. Francis College sent surveys to students, allowing them to vote the new logo design. It will be the college’s official logo but it will not replace the official seal of the school or the mascot, the Terrier.

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