LIU halted a late rally by St. Francis college and Ashley Palmer scored 25 points as the Lady Blackbirds swept the season series against the Lady Terriers 60-53

Palmer, who also scored 22 points in Sunday’s 66-53 LIU (19-7, 8-6 in the NEC) win over St. Francis (3-22, 2-12,) was named the most valuable player of the Battle of Brooklyn.

“It felt great to be named MVP, but more importantly, we got the win tonight,” said Palmer.

LIU broke the game open early in the first half when they went on a 15-0 run, including eight of Palmer’s 17 first half points.

The Lady Blackbirds were able to capitalize on a combination of poor shooting as well as sloppy ball-handling by St. Francis. The Lady Terriers shot 19-percent from the field until 2:15 of the first half. Eight turnover by St. Francis also led to eight points for LIU.

St. Francis fought hard to keep LIU’s lead under 10 points before halftime, but Palmer emerged again, extending a 27-20 lead by scoring five unanswered points to close out the first half.

The Lady Terriers looked like an entirely different team in the second half, shooting 43.5-percent from the field as well as drawing more fouls. St. Francis drew 17 fouls in the second half largely due to more aggressive play on offense.

“On the offensive end we got assertive, we got aggressive ,” said St. Francis head coach Brenda Milano. “We tried to isolate Jas [guard Jasmin Robinson] because they couldn’t stop her without fouling her.”

Down 48-40 with 6:07 left in the game, St. Francis began to rally, going on an 11-4 run to bring the game within a point for St. Francis. Robinson, however, missed a potential game-tying free throw and LIU was able to finish the game on a strong 8-1 run, including back-to-back layups by Palmer which preserved the game for LIU.

“I know what I have to do in those situations,” said Palmer.

Two Lady Terriers scored in double digits, including a team-high 17 points by Robinson. Forward Sarah Benedetti finished just shy of a double-double with 11 points and seven rebounds.

St. Francis will play their final home game of the season on Saturday, Feb. 18 against Sacred Heart University at 4 p.m.
Tonight’s starters:

St. Francis:
Katie Fox
Jasmin Robinson
Sarah Benedetti
Jaymee Veney
Jessica Kaufman

Kiara Evans
Ashley Palmer
She’Tiarra Pledger
Krystal Wells
Cleandra Roberts


St. Francis wins the jump ball, Jaymee Veney’s jumper gives them an opening 2-0 lead

LIU takes a 6-4 lead off of a 3-pointer by Ashley Palmer

Jaymee Veney fouls Cleandra Roberts on a breakaway layup, Roberts only makes one of her two free throws, LIU leads 7-4

First timeout 15:47 left in the half, LIU leads 7-4 Palmer and Krystal Wells lead the game with three points

Palmer fouled as she makes layup, converts the three point play. LIU currently on 10-0 run

Palmer makes another layup now has eight points, LIU’s run is extended to 12-0

Jasmin Robinson can not escape the back court, LIU keeps a double-team on her

Letava Whippy fouled as she makes a layup converts the three point play to extend the run to 15-0

Stephanie Bingham makes a jumper to end LIU’s run, but the Terriers are down 15-6

Official Timeout 11:42 left in the half LIU leads St. Francis 15-6 Palmer leads all scorers with eight points

Wells makes a jumper, extends LIU’s lead to 17-6

Robinson draws a foul, St. Francis will have their first free throw attempts of the game

Robinson makes one of her two free throws St. Francis trails 17-7

Kim Snauwaert souls Palmer. Palmer makes both free throws to put LIU back up by 12

St. Francis is shooting just 18.8-percent from the field with 7:42 left in the half

Veney hit with charging, she now has two fouls

Pledger makes a rainbow layup, LIU leads 21-7

Veney atones for the foul, makes a layup, LIU leads 21-9

Snauwaert fouled as she shoots by Tamika Guz, makes both free throws to cut LIU’s lead to 21-11 5:00 left in the half

Collette Hounshell draws a foul by MaryAnn Abrams, but misses both shots

Palmer with another bucket, she has 12 points with 3:55 left in the half LIU leads 23-11

St. Francis still shooting only 19% from the field

Hounshell makes a layup as LIU leads 23-13 3:15 left in the half

Abrams draws the fould on Kaufman (her second) misses both free throws with 2:56 left in the half LIU still up 23-13

Veney fouled as she makes a layup by Abrams (her second) Veney makes the free throw LIU’s lead now only 23-16 2:06 left in the half

Kiara Evans fouled as she makes a layup by Hounshell, misses the free throw LIU leads 25-16 with 1:51 left

Fox stripped by Wells, but blocks her shot

Evans makes another layup, LIU’s lead back to double-digits 27-16

1:04 left in the half Sarah Benedetti gets her first bucket off of a layup LIU leads 27-18

Fox fouled by Giz (her second) makes both free throws LIU leads 27-20 50 seconds left in the half

Ashley Palmer draws a foul as she makes a lyup on Snauwaert, converts the three points play and with 32 secidns left in the half, LIU leads 30-20

LIU calls timeout with 15.1 seconds left in the half, lead St. Francis 30-20 Palmer has accounted for half of the team’s offense with 15 points

Palmer makes a jumper right before the buzzer to put LIU up 32-20 at halftime


LIU broke the game open against St. Francis by going on an early 15-0 run as the Terriers were ice-cold from the field.

The Lady Terriers took an early 4-0 lead off of a pair of layups by Jaymee Veney and Jessica Kaufman, but LIU’s offense awoke along with Ashley Palmer, who had 20 points in Sunday’s win over St. Francis.

Palmer has 17 points in the first half, including five points within the final 30 seconds of the half. St. Francis shot under 20-percent from the field for most of the half before making their final three shots. For the game, they are shooting 29.2-percent (7-24) while the Lady Blackbirds are shooting 38.7-percent (12-31)

LIU has also punished St. Francis off of turnovers, scoring eight points when St. Francis mishandles the ball while the Lady Terriers have failed to score a point off of LIU’s four turnovers.

St. Francis has also failed to make a three-point shot. Veney leads the Lady Terriers in scoring with seven points. Nobody else on the team has more than two.


Benedetti hits a layup at 19:30 as Terriers trail 32-22

Palmer fouled by Veney Palmer makes both free throws, she has 19 points tonight and LIU has a 34-22 lead with 18:06 left

LIU misses a big opportunity to take advantage of a two-on-one as Roberts mishandles the ball and knocks it out of bounds

Roberts draws the foul from Snauwaers (her third) makes one of the shots 17:25 remaining in the game LIU leads 35-22

Kaufman draws a foul on Palmer (her first) makes both shots 16:35 left LIU leads 35-24

Fox gets stuffed by Whippy, but draws the foul, makes one free throw to cut the deficit to 35-25 16:00 left in the game

LIU is yet to record a field goal in the half, scoring all three point from the free throw line 15:00 left LIU still leads 35-25

Kiara Evans records the first field goal of the second half with 14:45 left off of a layup extends LIU’s lead to 37-25

Benedetti drains a shot from downtown she is now tied with Veney for the team lead with seven points

Hounshell fouls Roberts with 13:17 left in the game. Roberts makes both free throws Palmer re-enters the game

Robinson drives in a layup Terriers down only 39-30 now with 12:31 remaining

LIU is shooting just 14.3-percent in the half while St. Francis is shooting 37.5-percent

LIU also in foul trouble with seven team fould, St. Francis is in the single team bonus.

Bingham fouls Ebony Davis, who makes both free throws with 10:58 left LIU leads by 10 again 40-30

Kaufman records her fourth foul with 10:43 remaining

Jasmin Robinson makes a pair of free throws with 9:46 left LIU leads 41-32

Kim Snauwaert puts LIU in the single bonus with her fourth foul, this one on Ebony Davis

Roberts layup negated by a charging call, St. Francis takes the ball with 9:29 remaining

Palmer breaks the 20-point mark with a layup that gives LIU a 43-32 lead

Robinson makes a jump-shot. Three Lady Terriers now have seven points but LIU still controls the game 44-34 with 7:58 remaining

Benedetti makes a jumper to cut LIU’s lead 44-36

Guz makes a layup LIU leads by double-digits again 46-36

Veney makes a bucket and Benedetti records a layup as LIU has their shortest lead since 4:30 into the game, 46-40

Wells drives in a layup with 6:00 remaining LIU leads 48-40

St. Francis forces a turnover off of Palmer which leads to a layup by Kaufman, St. Francis only down 48-43 with 4:47 left

Robinson nails a three-pointer LIU’s lead now 50-46 with 3:51 left

Palmer hit with traveling as St. Francis forces her to turn the ball over again. LIU leads 52-48 with 2:42 remaining

Robinson hits a layup St. Francis only down by two with 2:20 left

Evans fouls Robinson to stop a breakaway, Robinson makes one of two free throws to cut LIU’s lead to 52-51 with 1:50 left

Palmer makes a floater to put LIU up 54-51 Palmer now has 23 points with 1:16 remaining

Palmer with another layup that pushes LIU’s lead to 56-51 with 40 seconds left

St. Francis forced to foul with 16.7 seconds left LIU now leads 57-52

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