Senior business management major Landy Guevara has it all, but getting to where he is now was quite the struggle.

Guevara is a young entrepreneur, leader, and familiar face to the many of our campus’ go-getters. You’ll probably recognize him as the guy in the suit, always laughing with professors and rushing to yet another event.

He is the co-founder of the Entrepreneurship Club, hand-picked for the job by Professor Mary Gelormino and Chair of the Business Department, Dr. Dennis Anderson.

“They picked me because I was curious about entrepreneurship and starting my own business. And I actually did it,” Guevara told SFC Today.

That’s right. At the ripe age of 23, Guevara has already started his own company, LLC Dimante Belu Inc., an event management agency that focuses on bringing businesspeople around New York together.

“We host networking events for professionals and entrepreneurs at upscale venues in New York City,” Guevara said. “We host monthly events—the last event was at the Gansevoort on Park Avenue—for the members of the [client’s] company,” he continued, “They meet new people. They say ‘this is what our product is.’ It’s like a networking happy hour.”

But Guevara’s story is perhaps more inspiring than his current success, and it is one familiar to many St. Francis students.

He originally started his college career at SUNY Potsdam where he majored in Economics. His enrollment there only lasted one year before he was kicked out for poor academic performance.

“I didn’t drop them,” Guevara joked. “They dropped me.”

“I was in college for all the wrong reasons,” he continued. “I was partying and not focused on my academics. I actually went to college just to get away from my parents.”

He then took a year off from school to figure out what his next move would be. During that time, he worked at the Empire State Building, where he met his current business partner. The two developed their current business plan after seeing the various high-rolling businessmen who passed through the building. The feeling of dissatisfaction with his job also drove him to work harder.

“I saw how I was unhappy, and everyone I worked with was unhappy,” he said.

So one fortuitous day, Guevara saw an ad for St. Francis College. His wheels started turning, and his renaissance thus began.

He already had the entrepreneurial spirit, but something in his brain clicked that day.

“I felt like it was a sign when I saw those ads on the train,” Guevara said.

He then began his education at St. Francis as a business management major with a concentration in finance. He has a 3.5 GPA and has been on the Dean’s List 4 times since starting here during the Spring 2013 semester.

Through his collaboration with the Career Center, Guevara was able to land an interview for an internship offer with CitiGroup. He was selected for the position over hundreds of other applicants for the 3-month program that put him to work with college students from all over the country.

He was the first student from St. Francis College to complete the program.

Dr. Anderson and St. Francis alumnus Lou Pastina—former Executive Vice President of the NYSE—then invited him to ring the closing bell on Wall Street.

He also heard the news that every college student dreams to get. CitiGroup has offered him a full-time position as a Financial Analyst, which he will begin in June.

Guevara’s journey from college dropout to one of Wall Street’s most hard-working up-and-coming prospects stands as a shining example of the power of his dedication and determination.

“I’m looking forward to graduating, finishing strong, and working as hard as I can,” Guevara said.

With his exciting job opportunity lined up for the future, only time will tell how far Guevara’s aspirations will take him.