by Zanna Shapiro

Kristinemarie Del Rosario has remarkably glowing skin.

“How does it get (and stay!) radiant throughout the semester?” you ask? With a few products and a simple routine!

Like many of us, nursing student Kristine has combination skin, “my skin tends to get really dry in the winter and oily in the summer.”

Skin care regimes often need adjustments due to seasonal changes.

Moreover, skincare at night may differ from skincare in the morning:

“My skincare routine is separated by day and night. I do this because during the night, you’re not really going outside and so, I switch my oils to make sure my skin is soft and smooth in the morning,” Kristine says.

Here are Kristine’s steps for battling her various skin care needs:

1. Wash face with lukewarm water, this will help open pores to prepare the skin for a deep cleanse.

2. Use Shea Moisture African Black Soap along with a spin brush. Any brand will do but I suggest using a mechanic one for extra assistance in deep cleansing.

3. Rinse off with cold water so your pores close.This will prepare you for your moisturizing routine. You don’t want your pores to get clogged when putting on lotion or oil.

4. 1 pump of Olehenriksen Truth Face Serum, a little goes a long way! (Daytime Routine Only)

5. Vitamin E Skin Oil, again, a little goes a long way. (Nighttime Routine Only)

6. St. Ives Collagen Timeless Face Lotion, helps keep a fresh face.

7. (Weekly Only! #facemasksfridays) The only face mask I trust is the Indian Aztec Clay Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply and equal amount of both substances to your face. Wait 15-20 minutes or until dry. Wash off with warm water and then continue with a moisture routine. This mask helps with clogged pores and really deep cleanses your skin, perfect for people who have oily skin in the summer.


Evidently, you don’t need to use brand name items. Kristine maintains her glow with mostly drugstore brands.

She also uses toner.

“I’m a big fan of witch hazel; it’s gentle, clean, and natural. Some witch hazel toners come with 5%-15% alcohol, avoid that. Alcohol will dry your skin out, cancelling the exact purpose of a toner.

“The one I’m use is Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, Rose Scented. I recommend this brand because, they don’t use alcohol in their products and it’s 100% Witch Hazel.”

Since Kristine takes good care of her skin, she keeps her makeup to a minimum, “only light foundation, highlight, and mascara.”

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