By Antonia D’Amato

Kristen Hadeed, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, and founder of Student Maid, shared her story with SFC students.

She spoke about how failure can be a good thing.

During the lecture, she referred to examples from personal experiences.

By learning from her mistakes, she was able to become a successful leader.

She spoke about her journey and how it all started with the desire to buy a $99 pair of jeans.

What is now known as Student Maid initially started off as a way to make extra money by cleaning houses every Wednesday.

Before she knew it, Hadeed had a whole team and was taking on bigger cleaning jobs.

By having this team, she needed to step up and become a good leader for them.

She quickly learned the hard way that a successful leader doesn’t just sit back and watch his/her team do all the work.

Actually, helping with the work and building relationships with the workers was a fundamental part of being a leader.

Hadeed shows her employees tough love because that’s the way she was raised.

She emphasized the ability to make people think for themselves.

If there was a mistake, her employees needed to be able to fail and have the chance to learn and figure out a way to fix their mistake.

This strategy gave her employees the opportunity to enhance their way of thinking and boost their confidence.

Hadeed encouraged students at St. Francis college to change their relationship with failure because her company was built on the failures that her and her employees experienced.

The lecture concluded after two students shared one recent failure and what they leatned from it.

  1. These two students received a free copy of her book Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong.

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