King’s County District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes announced in a press conference that he will run for re-election in 2013.

Hynes, 77, has served as the county’s district attorney since 1989. If elected, it will be Hynes’ seventh term at the position. In 2009, Hynes was unopposed in the election.

“I come here today to formally announce my candidacy for re-election as the Brooklyn district attorney,” said Hynes, a Democrat.

In the 23-plus years as Brooklyn’s district attorney, Hynes has brought forward several innovate programs with the goal of helping reintroduce non-violent felons back into society. Programs such as the Drug Treatment Alternative-to-Prison Program and ComALERT (Community And Law Enforcement Resources Together) has helped non-violent obtain treatment for drug addiction as well as provided a public safety program for individuals on probation or parole.

“Since 1990, we have created 29 comprehensive and progressive policies with the collective goal of reducing recidivism rates, which is the real key to increased public safety,” said Hynes.

Additionally, Hynes has also brought forward a program to reduce the amount of firearms on the streets of Brooklyn. The Cash for Guns program allows a citizen to hand over a firearm in exchange for money, no questions asked.

“Paying for guns at 30 churches in Brooklyn, we have removed 2,599 from the streets of Brooklyn,” said Hynes.

Hynes also announced that there were only 149 murders in Brooklyn, the lowest in the borough since 1960.

Many supporters of Hynes attended the press conference, which took place at Borough Hall, including New York City Councilmen Lew Fidler, Letitia James and Mathieu Eugene, Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood, Reginald Bowman, Chair of New York City Council of Housing, Robert Cornegy, 56th assembly district leader, Kim Best, President of the 79th Precinct Community Council, State Senator Martin Dilan, Borough of Brooklyn President Marty Markowitz and County Leader of King’s County Frank Seddio.

“This man is critical in the state of New York because he has proven that you can be tough on crime and be progressive at the same time,” said Fidler.

“I call Joe Hynes ‘America’s District Attorney’ and he is America’s District Attorney,” said Markowitz.

Hynes, however, has been criticized by “New York Jewish Week” writer Larry Cohler Esses for his handling of child sexual assault allegations within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

The election for King’s County District Attorney will take place on Sept. 14.

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