On Thursday, January 26, SFC’s Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the bi-yearly Club Fair, an event that attracts new and returning students who wish to become more involved in student life.

St. Francis College has many clubs to offer students but it seems as though there are a number of members within the student body who are unaware of this. With such a wide variety of clubs and organizations on campus, it seems as though there is something for everyone. There are currently over 30 active clubs including the Psychology Club, Physical Education Club, Haitian American Students Alliance (HASA), and the Troupers, SFC’s drama club.

Regardless of an individual’s racial background and identity, cultural clubs such as HASA raise awareness about specific cultures and encourage students to converge and express themselves through their culture.

Anne Edouard, president of HASA said: “This club is where we showcase the culture of Haitian people.” The student does not have to be of Haitian descent to join– anyone is welcome! This is a club to share the culture with everyone, similar to other clubs such as African, Arab American Society, Caribbean Student Association, French Club, and Muslim Student Association. No matter what ethnicity or race, join the club you are interested in, want to represent, or just want to learn more about.

Students also have the opportunity to join an academic club, especially one pertaining to a specific major or a subject of interest.

“The Pre-Law Club is where students come together, no matter what major, to learn more about what it is like to be a law student,” said Catherine Canedo. The Pre-Law club meets every Monday and Thursday during activity hour in Room 4402 to discuss, educate, and even practice mock trials.

The Psychology Club is another organization that promotes the interest of psychology majors through field trips, research, fundraisers, and even movie nights. President Jeff Ramdass said: “This club is a way to get the word out of what psychology does to all of us.” Although the club has around 20 active members, new members are always welcome. If interested, join them for their first Meet and Greet session on Monday, February 6 during activity period in room 7221.

Yet another academic club is the Physical Education Club. This club promotes health and fitness for its members through numerous activities. Professor McNamara explained that the club hosts a number of health fitness events and sporting events throughout the year. All students are welcome, and an individual does not have to be a Physical Education major to join.

SFC also has Step and Dance Teams. Both of these teams put on multiple performances at different school events during the year. Basketball games, fundraisers, and other special events such as Community Day in the spring, are where you can find these two clubs throughout the school year.

Some of the clubs strive to promote more specialized interests, such as the Frisbee Club. After playing for only a few months, SFC student Gaetano Musarella discovered that he enjoyed and decided to create the Ultimate Frisbee club. He wanted to spread the word about Frisbee, a sport that is fun and easy to learn. The club meets on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 in the Genovesi Center, and all are welcome to join.

Musarella said: “There are about 20 members on and off and it’s a sport that is easy to pick up, we will just throw you in the game or you can watch.” If you are just interested in being a spectator the Frisbee Club has a fan section where they keep score as well.

For those who enjoy the arts, clubs such as the Troupers and the Photography Club will push you to express yourself. The Troupers are a group of about 10 to 15 members that perform a play every semester. A part from acting, there are also roles for those who prefer to work behind the scenes. Crew member positions are always open to help with the lighting, sound, and set of the productions.

If you prefer the view from behind the camera lens, the Photography Club is the club to join. With about 12 active members, the club comes together to capture life’s beauty. Brought back to SFC in the fall of 2011, President Amanda Sullivan and Dr. Franklin have reconnected with art through photographs.

They are currently on the path to getting more cameras in the budget so you will not need your own camera to join. Meetings are during Activity Hour on Thursdays in Room 5403.

Even though St. Francis has a Roman-Catholic affiliation there are clearly a number of students from many different religions. Welcoming members of any religion, the Christian Fellowship Club, might be something you are interested in.

“This is a club to show people why we believe in Jesus Christ,” said Rhea Galsim. With around eight members, this club is a place for students to come together, hang out, and reflect, like a family. Formed two years ago, this is a fairly new club.

Additionally there is the Sign Language Club, formed this past fall semester. Started by student Karimah Griffin, this group welcomes anyone interesting in signing. “It’s important to learn how to sign, like learning any other language, so we can be able to fluently communicate”, explained Griffin. Passionate about signing, Griffin started this club with a total of three years experience, in which she teaches the group herself every other activity period on Thursdays in room 3314.

One more little known club to mention is Sigma Rho Phi Sorority. Formed in July of 2005 this Greek Club did not start at St. Francis. Crystal Beckford, a transfer student, was a member of Sigma Rho Phi and decided to bring a chapter to SFC when she came here. Currently with only one member, Beckford is trying to get sisters to join so this can be an official chapter at SFC.

All clubs at our school welcome anyone and everyone so try whatever you are interested in! For those that did not have a meeting room and time mentioned, make sure to look out for posters and flyers so we can all get involved in what we really want to do! With any questions on where to find or how to join any of the clubs at SFC contact SGA or Student Activities for more information.

Don’t forget SFC Today! We are constantly bringing in new members at our meetings during activity hour every Monday! Have a story idea? Come in, write about it, and build up your portfolio!

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