Famous Rock n Roll band Journey is touring once again to bring their music back to fans and their first appearance will be in New York on April 13.

Formed in San Francisco in 1973 by the former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch, Journey became a sensational rock group and composed pieces that heavily influenced the music industry.

Gaining traction slowly through the years, they finally hit rockstar fandom in 1978 until 1987 since hit songs like “Don’t Stop Believin” pushed its way on top of the charts.

Journey’s sales resulted in two gold albums, eight multi-platinum albums and one diamond album.

But Journey’s reputation began to slow down when front man singer Steve Perry left the group in 1998. Sales started to fall and feuds between the band members slowly sufficed, making it impossible for Journey to keep on going. After a down low profile kept by the band, they made a huge comeback in 2008 by bringing in a new lead vocalist from the Philippines.

Arnel Pineda led the band to a whole new level. His energy attracted the old die hard fans while creating a new set of fans uniting the generations as one.

Though a lot of complaints and racial slurs were thrown at Pineda, he kept going with his destiny in Journey and still appealed to fans nationwide. Tour after tour with the front man brought the band to rise again as the famous rock group they are.

The band has also announced a tour called San Francisco Fest 2016, which will take place in different parts of North America from East Coast to West Coast.

But the first upcoming line up starts in New York City on April 13. Journey will play alongside Santana at Madison Square Garden at 7 pm.

Tickets are still currently available online.