NEWS: Student Body President Jason Gaither is working hard to fulfill the promises he had made during his run for the presidency in May 2009. At the time, he vowed to make changes that would benefit all Saint Francis students.

Currently, Jason is facing major roadblocks that make staying true to his word difficult. Budget cuts and disagreements within the student senate are just a few of these difficulties that the SFC commander-in-chief must overcome.

In an interview with Jason, he revealed a three point agenda that he hopes to accomplish. His first objective was to create a college textbook program that has already been completed.

His second objective is to make improvements on the speed and performance of all SFC computers.

Lastly, he is planning to aid students who travel via mass transit with a Metrocard distribution program.

The college textbook program known as BEETET, is a project Jason had been working on for the past two years.

He says it has been updated, and the textbooks are now available in the Saint Francis College library for students to use absolutely free of charge.

When asked about the Metrocard situation he replied “Any project or special program that is really new and has never been done before takes time. It is incredibly important to me that any program that gets done gets done methodically and well.”

In regards to the time frame for the launch of his Metrocard program he replied, ”To give a ball park estimate, I am really hoping before the end of this term to the beginning of next term.”

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