by Annalisa Gangone

Jamel Brinkley, professor at St. Francis College, is a finalist for the 2018 National Book Award in Fiction.

He shared some of his works during a reading from his anthology of short stories titled A Lucky Man.

A Lucky Man is Brinkley’s debut work that beautifully discusses masculinity, race and the power of love in an urban Brooklyn setting.

“I’m also interested in non-blood related brotherhood relationships between men, so friendships between men is really interesting to me … challenging that boundary or not challenging that boundary, feeling threatened by it sometimes or embracing it sometimes”

A Lucky Man is an anthology of short stories.

Brinkley employs the use of the short story framework because to him “short stories are fun because they blend elements of poetry and the novel, the narrative impulses of the novel but I think you also have the strict attention to form and structure and a reliance on things that are more subtle … that you find in poetry.”

Professor Ian Maloney of SFC said: “We’re really excited to have Jamel Brinkley on as a faculty member.

“We’re waiting anxiously to see if he’s going to win the National Book Award but it’s an incredible achievement regardless.

“He’s one of five finalists, a master of his craft and this is a really great book.”

The National Book Award is an annual literary prize meant to celebrate the best books of the year.

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