Over the past year, SFC has experienced a huge influx in the number of sororities and fraternities on campus because of the increasing popularity of ‘Greek life’ among the students. Historically, few organizations have been a constant strong hold at SFC, for instance, Italian-American Fraternity Alpha Phi Delta came on campus in 1962, and has been here since watching various other greek organizations come and go. Sorority’s and fraternity’s have never really stood out at SFC’s small campus, but the past few semesters have seen an explosion of greek life on campus. The newest fraternity at SFC is Tau Kappa Epsilon; one of the largest national fraternities in the U.S.

Regional Sorority Alpha Sigma was the first Sorority on campus, as late as 2006. Alpha Sigma, originally founded at Brooklyn College, established its fourth chapter at St. Francis College. Also to establish a chapter here will be the national organization Mu Sigma Upsilon, and others have continued to follow suit, including the sororities Kappa Theta Nu, Epsilon Sigma Phi, and Delta Sigma Chi.

A common concern shared by most greeks on campus is that SFC is too small of a college to accommodate thriving greek life. “I think it’s better that Greek life is growing because it gives people more options, but at the same time it can cause some instability because other Greeks may not handle the situation maturely”, said Andrew Flores of Alpha Phi Delta. Options are something important for those interested in greek life, as they would need to see which organization suits their particular personality.

“I think that Greek life is good for college campuses, but I feel that there should be some kind of balance with the number of sororities and fraternities on campus, so it’s not so difficult to recruit.” said Jacklyn Wagner of Alpha Sigma. With the sorority- fraternity ratio currently at 5:2 one can see why some would be concerned with this issue.

Kemi Ojo from Kappa Theta Nu said “I think there needs to be more of a sense of community between the greeks on campus, because at the end of the day we all stand for something.” Support of all greeks must be shown and encouraged by other greeks, so that sororities and fraternities can continue to grow, and contribute to campus life at SFC.

There has also been talk amongst the Greeks for a Inter-Greek council in the future. Such councils are usually found on larger college campuses where there is already thriving Greek life. These councils provide a way for the organizations to regulate themselves as well as build a sense of community with one another.

Only time will tell whether this council will be established, and if there can be balance between the number of Fraternities and Sororities on campus. For now, the students of SFC have been given a variety of options for Greek Life, especially come Fall ’11 when recruitment will be back in full swing.

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