As of June 2020, St. Francis College has officially welcomed the Curly Club to its community. The club is currently not operating as it is still planning for the Fall term. However, you can look forward to learning more about the Curly Club through SFC’s virtual orientation.

The president, Jasmine Corujo (or Jazz as she is affectionately known), and the vice president, Taylor Coley, founded this club on the promise to help others on their curly hair journey.

“This club holds a special place in my heart, as I am someone who struggled with accepting my hair for most of my life. I co-founded this club with Taylor Coley with the drive and desire to help educate others on their natural hair,” Corujo said. “We want to raise awareness of hair textures, and how they are an essential association not only to people’s cultures but also their identities. We are dedicated to ensuring that we can support others who are taking the next steps on their hair journey. We want to create a safe space for anyone interested in joining. Curly hair is more than just hair to many. It is a big part of who we are.”

Each member is dedicated to making the club a success. Corujo said, “My E-Board members have all played a crucial role in bringing this club to life. Without them, this would not be possible.”

Despite being a new club, a strong E-Board is already present. Erica Domena acts as the social media coordinator for the group. At the same time, Lea Gomez took on the role of treasurer and event planner. Reginald Monteau acts as the S.A.C.O.R. representative while Sophia Pryam has taken on the role of the Curly Club’s secretary. 

For those interested in joining the club, you can expect great things. “For club meetings, we plan to talk about all things related to curls. It could be about hair products, how members feel that day about their hair, creating our own hair masks, and the cultural impact that natural hair has had over the years. We are open to any ideas that any members may have or what they would like to see from us,” Corujo said.

In the case of St. Francis not allowing clubs to operate on campus for the Fall term, the Curly Club has already devised a plan to make its members, both current and future, feel connected despite the physical distance.

Corujo has acknowledged that solely relying on Zoom meetings can be very tiring and may cause a burnout. To avoid causing any stress, the Curly Club aims to use both Instagram and the GroupMe app as a means of communication. According to Corujo, there may even be a monthly newsletter.

The best means of communication to connect with the Curly Club is to either message them on Instagram @sfc.curlyclub or email President Corujo at You can also contact Vice President Coley at

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