NEWS: Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Well, it’s at Lincoln Center Plaza, but that’s a different story. Kelly MacLellan got to Sesame Street thanks to her education and experience at St. Francis College.

MacLellan graduated SFC in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications – Advertising/Public Relations, and was a member of the Communications honor society Lambda Pi Eta.

Through her internship, she is now the Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Media Distribution at The Sesame Workshop.

MacLellan first got her ‘real world’ experience through an internship program at Sesame Workshop.

“I was an intern in Corporate Communications for Sesame Workshop and learned a lot about the Public Relations Department as well as other various departments,” MacLellan said.

“The best thing about the internship was the networking that was done and seeing how people worked with each other on various projects. The real world wasn’t as scary and upsetting as some people make it out to be. I am sure some jobs may be doom and gloom but not in my experience at the Workshop.”

Like many graduating seniors in college, Kelly was not sure exactly which career path to choose, but knew that she wanted to extend her education in marketing. She recently received her Masters Degree from Mercy College in Direct & Interactive Marketing, graduating with Delta Mu Delta honors.

In order to excel in the working world, Kelly (right) knows that you have to thoroughly understand your material, whatever your field is. She thanks SFC and the great professors there for guiding her with such inspiring words like, “it’s got to be at your finger tips, when you go to the doctor’s you can’t be 90% right, or do 90% of the surgery…”

Kelly realized the truth in that when it finally made sense in a real life situation. “One day it hit me that I wasn’t studying for the quiz or test that was coming up, it was for my life. I was going out into the world where people would rely on me for knowing things that the text books were telling me. No one is going to want to stop a presentation or meeting to explain something that was common knowledge.”
Through all of Kelly’s communication experience nothing could have prepared her for the economic recession that has and continues to cost people jobs.

Kelly was lucky enough not to lose her job but was aware of the budget-cuts and hiring freeze at Sesame Workshop. Even still, Kelly has some words of wisdom that there is still hope out there. “My philosophy is that you can lose your job but you can’t lose your education. No matter where you end up in life, no one can take your degrees and accomplishments away from you. You’ll always be needed somewhere.”

Kelly is now working towards her Ph.D. “I am enrolled to start taking classes for a Ph.D. in eCommerce starting January 1st and should be done in 3 years.” Her future goals are to have that Ph.D. degree by the time she is 30 and one day have her own marketing business and teach graduate school. Kelly also dreams of traveling to Ireland and Australia.

For now, Kelly is happy working at The Sesame Workshop. “Who doesn’t like Sesame Street or have fond memories of it?” she said.

“Seeing the smile on a person’s face and the disbelief is probably my favorite part. It’s really amazing what a positive response I get when I tell people I work on the longest Street in the world. They always follow up with questions (like) have I met the puppets, been on set etc. I am proud to be a part of the Workshop and smile every time I see a child with a Sesame product.”

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