Move over commercialized coffee spots — there’s a new coffee shop in town that many are claiming have great vibes and more importantly great coffee.

The owners of the coffee shop Parkette just moved to Brooklyn only a year ago and prove themselves as being a true mom and pop coffee shop. Only hiring Sunset park natives gives the coffee shop a true down home feel.

Located at 4022 Fifth Ave between 40th and 41st streets in Sunset Park, Parkette just opened in November of 2015 and offers something that many other consumeristic coffee shops such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts do not offer — a sense of where you are.

If you walk into a Starbucks located on 14th street in Manhattan or on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights, there isn’t a noticeable change in the vibes and atmosphere.

Parkette has a certain hipster vibe to it that makes it welcoming — the baristas are careful and friendly when whipping up a caffeinated beverage of choice or just something simple to eat.

Not only does this mom and pop coffee shop have friendly vibes, but the baristas will design a flower or heart with foam to top off your favorite drink.

The decor found in Parkette consists of brick walls, wood floors, and folk music to place together Brooklyn’s Sunset Park area — vibrantly up and coming, but not generified — like a few other locations in Brooklyn.

“We all talked about gentrification a lot before we went ahead, but again, we’re living around the corner, and almost all the people that work here either live here or grew up here, so it feels really good to be integrated,” said Caitlin Hersey according to Brooklyn Daily. “We don’t feel like we’re stepping on anyone’s toes or displacing anybody.”

Parkette has a few future plans to incorporate children into the coffee world. While many Sunset Park residents grab a coffee on their way to work, many are not as likely to indulge and sit for a while until their beverage is finished.

“We want to do things like story time for the kids in the future, we wanted a space that was kid-friendly, so parents don’t have to worry about their children when they came around to grab a coffee,” co-owner Nadia Shen said according to Brooklyn Daily.

Parkette is a very friendly and welcoming coffee shop that not only offers a Brooklyn feel to it, but caters to the overpopulated hipster community that resides in Sunset Park.

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